Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taken for a ride: Why it's time to renationalise the buses

CPO Director Neil Clark's new column in the Morning Star.

Subsidies for private bus companies run into hundreds of millions and the service provided leaves a lot to be desired. Neil Clark explains why it’s time to renationalise the buses


IT’S good to see that more and more media commentators and pundits are boarding the "Renationalise The Railways Express" to join those of us who’ve been calling for such a move for many years.

Calling for the railways to be renationalised 10 years ago had one marked down as a hard-core Marxist or political extremist. Now it’s perfectly mainstream — as even the supporters of privatisation find it hard to make any kind of case for keeping the status quo.

However, when it comes to renationalising bus transport, it’s rather a different story.

The whole article can be read here:

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