Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To support Public Ownership vote for an EU left exit

The CPO's Neil Clark's latest column for the Morning Star: 

Why would supporters of public ownership wish to stay in an organisation which is clearly hostile to the idea of state providers of services and which is pushing member states to privatise and not nationalise, asks NEIL CLARK
 IT WAS a news story which didn’t get too much coverage in Britain, but it was one which should give progressives and socialists who are planning to vote Remain in June’s EU referendum food for thought.
On December 14 2015, the British profiteering train and coach company National Express (which has been taking us for a ride for some time here in Britain) began operating two regional lines in Germany — taking them over from the state-owned DB Regio.
“The German rail market presents significant further opportunity,” enthused NX chief executive Dean Finch...

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Panama Papers and Privatisation

The CPO's Neil Clark's latest Morning Star column

IT ALL began in 1979. That was the year when privatisation was launched in Britain (back then it was called “denationalisation”) and exchange controls were lifted.
On October 23, Thatcher’s chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Geoffrey Howe stood up in Parliament and announced the abolition of all existing exchange controls — except those applying to Zimbabwe.
The controls which Howe was abolishing had existed for 40 years — and, like public ownership, were an integral part of the social democratic economic system which existed after WWII. But for the Thatcherites they were an unwelcome restriction which prevented the rich from becoming even richer.

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