Thursday, February 25, 2016

We’re selling off the world, but who wins?

The new column by the CPO's Neil Clark, for the Morning Star.

BY ALL rights, the 2008 global financial crisis should have marked the end of the era of privatisation and the return to the more equitable mixed economy model which dominated in the post-war era.

Instead, it only ushered in a new, more extreme phase in the neoliberal project.

To reduce the deficit and get the public finances “in order,” we were told we had to privatise remaining publicly owned assets.

It’s a task that’s been carried out with great relish by the Tories in Britain, aided from 2010-15 by their “Orange Book” Lib Dem coalition accomplices.

In December, it was revealed that Chancellor George Osborne was on course to sell off more public assets than any chancellor for the past 30 years, even more than Nigel Lawson.

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