Monday, April 13, 2015

Cameron's track record on privatisation- a small reminder

The CPO's Neil Clark latest column in the Morning Star 

REMEMBER when David Cameron was elected as Conservative leader in the autumn of 2005?
Back then he was portrayed by his supporters in the elite media clique as a moderate “one nation” Tory — a man who was going to deliver “compassionate conservatism” and move “the nasty party” away from Thatcherism.
But, as I pointed out in a newspaper article which went very much against the tide in October 2005, there was nothing moderate about “Dave” or his policies.
Cameron’s extremism in office can be seen quite clearly in many areas, and not least in his zeal for privatisation.
The Con-Dem coalition which Cameron has led has been the most fanatically pro-privatisation government in our country’s history — privatising things which even Margaret Thatcher decided were best kept in public ownership.
With a general election looming, let’s remind ourselves of some of the national assets and public services which have been sold off in the past five years under the Con-Dems and how much British taxpayers have been short-changed by these sales.

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