Monday, April 11, 2016

The Land Registry sell-off is a disgrace

The CPO's Neil Clark writes in The Sunday Express

IT is the public body that anyone who has bought property in England and Wales will have had dealings with.

The Land Registry was established in 1862 and has been serving us quietly and efficiently for more than 150 years. Now though, a dark cloud hangs over the body that registers land ownership and maintains the documentation of almost 24 million titles.
Just before Easter, Business Secretary Sajid Javid announced plans to privatise the Land Registry.
“The preferred model is a contract between government and a private operator, with all the core functions transferred out of the public sector,” said the statement.

The whole article can be read here. 
Note: We have until May 26 to let the Government know what we think of its privatisation proposals. You can send your views to or write to Lizzie Dixon, 1 Victoria Street, London, W1H 0ET.

Please also sign the 38 Degrees petition opposing the privatisation! 

It now has over 208,000 signatures