Sunday, November 23, 2008

More profiteering from Britain's privatised railway compaies

The Campaign for Public Ownership condemns the decision, announced last week, to raise rail fares in Britain by double the rate of inflation.

The BBC reports:

Rail passengers face fare rises in the new year, with some tickets
going up by double the rate of inflation.

Regulated and unregulated fares are to increase by averages of 6% and 7% respectively from 2 January 2009.

Passengers reliant on Southeastern services between London and Kent and Sussex will see their fares rise by an average of 8%, which is 2% more than the national average.

The rises are yet another example of blatant profiteering by Britain's rip-off rail companies.

Britain already has by far and away the most expensive railway fares in Europe and the latest rises will further increase the misery of Britain's long-suffering railway passengers.

The reason British fares are so expensive is that Britain is the only country in Europe that was foolish enough to have privatised its railways.

It's time to bring the railway companies back into public ownership and to restore the kilometer based pricing system which is still in use in other European countries.

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