Monday, August 9, 2010

Neil Clark: Laissez-faire Britain loses another brick in the wall

This article by CPO co-founder Neil Clark appears in The First Post.

Non! Neil Clark bemoans the imminent sale of International Power to a French state owned group

.....We were told by the Thatcherites, and neo-liberal think tanks such as the Adam Smith Institute, which pushed aggressively for privatisation, that reducing state ownership would improve economic efficiency and be good for the country. But while Britain put up a 'For Sale' sign on our national assets, other European nations have played a far more intelligent game.

It's hard to imagine the French, wedded to a policy of Gaullist economic nationalism, allowing SNCF, their prestigious national railway, to suffer the fate of British Rail and allow foreign-owned companies to operate their train services.

It's inconceivable, too, to imagine Germany allowing an iconic company like Volkswagen to fall into foreign hands, as Britain did with its car industry.

You can read the whole article here.

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