Sunday, March 11, 2012

Britain's railway madness: ConDem Government wants even higher train fares at peak times

The Daily Mail reports:

Commuters travelling at the busiest times face paying super-peak fares in the biggest rail shake-up for a decade.

Train companies are also expected to be allowed to charge more for journeys immediately after the busy periods in the morning and evening.

And Network Rail will be broken up into a series of regional centres which will give privately-run train companies more control of the tracks on which their services run.

The Campaign for Public Ownership believes that the government is on completely the wrong track with its railways policy. Instead of encouraging an even more complicated pricing policy, and continuing to support the disastrous privatisation model, which has led to Britain having the highest rail fares in Europe, the government ought to be listening to the vast majority of Britons and bring the railways back into public ownership. When that is done, a simple, easy-to-understand distance-based pricing system can be introduced.

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George Hallam said...

This seems good.

Lewisham People Before Profit supports a similar policy.