Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Save the Royal Mail!

Having sold off Search and Rescue, the manic privatisers in the UK Coalition are now turning their attentions to the Royal Mail, with an autumn sell-off planned. We can't allow the neoliberals to destroy our postal service in the same way they've destroyed our railways and other public services.

You can sign a petition against the privatisation here, and a model letter for you to send to your MP is also available. Also, please keep an eye on the CPO Twitter feed @PublicOwnership and the Save our Royal Mail website for details of forthcoming demonstrations/protests against the planned sell-off.

As to what a privatised postal service would be like, we don't have to look far: only to The Netherlands where privatisation has brought chaos (article here).  This chaos will be coming to the UK, if the Coalition get their way.

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Anonymous said...

The USA and Canada have state-owned postal services and no plan to privatise them as far as I know.

As a result I believe a letter coast to coast costs about 50 c.

Less than a letter from London to Birmingham.